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About Us

Our Mission

To unlock private real estate into liquid assets accessible to everyone, and empowering trusted asset transfers at the speed of the Internet


We are South East Asia’s first property platform that utilizes the power of Artificial Intelligence (AI) to enable unparalleled precision in the real estate investment process.  Our contextual analysis process dramatically quickens and simplify tiresome processes and experiences in buying and selling properties.  Our proprietary platform is specifically designed to offer investment-grade properties, IN WHOLE OR IN FRACTIONS, enabling you multiple options to maximize your portfolio asset allocation decisions.

Meet Our Team


Our Management team is a unique combination of Property Investment experts, Asset Management professionals, Fund Manager, Research Analysts, AI & Data Scientist, Technologists and Management Consultants across major Asia-Pacific cities including Brisbane, Melbourne, Singapore, Hong Kong, Shanghai, and Kuala Lumpur.
The team’s unique expertise, experience, and geographical coverage allow us to scale and respond to the market quickly. The main focus of the team is to build and optimize the most efficient and secure marketplace for whole and fractionalized properties.

We Innovate

Our executive team has vast experience spread across multiple industries. Collectively, the team has more than 200-years of experience in the technology, real estate, financial services, education, and trading sectors. Coupled with the relevant expertise and proven track records, our goal is to bring innovative long-term solutions to property investors all over the world.
Our data science and AI team includes 3 PHDs and 5 undergraduate Ph.D. researchers and is led by our Chief Data Scientist who earned his Ph.D. from Oxford University (specializing in predictive analysis of financial instruments). The tech team’s core competency lies in their extensive knowledge and experience in building market-leading asset trading platforms.
Beyond our property platform, a testament to the strength of the team can be seen in the success of our partner company – Mastery Asia Property Seminars – and its extensive investor community. Over the past 18 months alone, this community has acquired more than USD 60 Million of real estate and manages in excess of 120 properties.

Consultant – KC See

An accountant by profession, KC started the Quest MasteryAsia group 30 years ago to become a leading consulting firm in Asia with offices in K.L.,Hong Kong, Singapore and Shanghai. As the creator of the Money Mastery Mentosrhip program he has coached and mentored over 10,000 members from 20 different countries.

MasteryAsia is also one of the first organization in the region to start property investment programs and also created the MasteryAsia Property Series of books which includes “The Strategic Property Investor” by Ahyat Ishak, “Smart property Investors knows the Law” By Elizabeth Siew, “Grow Rich through Responsible Levergaing” by Adrian Un and “Propreneur- 7 strategies on how to leverage on property to build profitable businesses.” His organization has been involved with transacting over RM200 million worth of properties over the last few years.

KC See was one of the earliest student of Robert Kiyosaki, was acknowledged by Robert in his book, “Rich Dad Poor Dad”.

Property Advisory

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    Ahyat Ishak

    Property Investor Community Engagement

    Ahyat Ishak is a coach – Castlefield Property Agency. Celebrity Property Investment Speaker & the Best Seller Writer of the book ” The Strategic Property Investor”.

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    Dr. Renesial Leong

    Strategy & Product Innovation

    Asia’s Queen of Property – Worldwide property analyst with over 20 years of proven investment track record and author of the FIRST Malaysian property investment guide book series.

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    Heng Zee Soon

    Property Portfolio Management

    Property Crowd Funding Coach , advised 40 property investments 2014 -2016, valued more than RM 15 million. Started career at PWC , Held Senior Management positions in KLSE listed Group.


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    Jen Liang

    Property Portfolio Management, Australasia

    Lead international property marketing through Australasia having footprints in Singapore, Malaysia, Hong Kong, Taiwan and Australia.

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    Zekri Ismail

    Product Innovations & Operations

    Business Consultant specializing in Business Strategy , Transformation– Deloitte, PWC Consulting.

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    Mohd Azham

    Finance, Risk Management

    12 years experience in Malaysia State owned Private Equity & Venture Capital Fund.

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    Elizabeth Siew

    Legal Tech Advisor

    Property transactions & crowd funding related legal matters, documentation and litigation.