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Affiliate Program

Our FracProp Affiliate Program is designed specifically to reward members and investors who wants their family and friends to start getting the FRAC Tokens for FREE at this introductory stage. Each referral will earn Free FRAC Tokens that can be eventually used towards purchases of the property fractions.

FracProperty Affiliate Program
FracProperty Affiliate Program

How does it work?

  • Each referral receive 10* FRAC reward tokens that can be used towards purchase of property fractions that are listed.

  • For every successful referral, you will receive 10* FRAC reward tokens.

  • There will be no expiry date for the FRAC reward tokens upon successful activation of accounts.

  • The FRAC reward tokens can be used for multiple benefits on our platform, including to offset the price of any one of the listings. The amount of FRAC reward tokens that can be redeemed for each listing will be specified in the listing details.