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Our Data Edge

Optimising the power of AI in real estate investments

We utilize the power of artificial intelligence (AI) to dramatically quicken and simplify tiresome processes and experiences involved in identifying and selecting investment grade properties. Our goal is to empower every investor with actionable steps to achieve their future real estate investment goals using automation. The future is here. We do it all, only faster.

Security and Transparency via Peer-to-Peer Network

We use a peer-to-peer network to run a decentralized platform that is both tamper-proof and easily verifiable. The technology transition to fractionalizing real estate enables new capabilities while keeping ownership structures the same as traditional securities. With this unique selling point, we hope to create industry disruption by empowering individuals to invest in and create personalized portfolios of property investments; thereby completely changing how real estate transactions and ownership transfer is conducted.

Big Data + A.I = Operational Efficiency

The combination of big data on property transactions and Fracproperty’s A.I algorithms enable us to better identify and assess high yielding properties, and in ways that human analysis will never match. Our platform can perform the majority of the time-consuming analysis and diligence that a regular property investment firm would do – with just the click of a button.

Tokenizing real estate

Fractional Investment: Unlocking Liquidity

Our technology not only gives investors full control and flexibility in managing their property portfolios but also unlocks potential liquidity and automatically enforces compliant transfers between buyers and sellers around the world. Frictions and barriers to secondary market transfers are thus reduced. Private investments can become more liquid, making it possible to trade 24/7, worldwide, on licensed or peer-to-peer trading platforms, with near instantaneous settlement and no counterparty risk.

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