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For private market fund managers and real estate owners, we provide a comprehensive suite of digital asset issuance solutions to unlock the value of illiquid assets, all under your very own exclusive branding. Our white-labelling solutions helps you manage all the fractionalization and digitalization processes, so that you only need to focus on what you do best – bringing your products to the market!


“Frac Asset as a Service Platform”™ unlocks liquidity options for traditionally illiquid assets. We enable fractionalization and digitalization of assets, making them easier to own, simpler to manage, and faster to trade. Our Technology Platforms let you securely and efficiently manage digital listings, investor and placement agent on-boarding, investors communications, secured proof of ownership, as well as rental payouts and dividend distributions.

“FRAC Asset as a Service” ™ Platform

Technology Platform

  • Fractionalization & Issuance of Digital Assets
  • Investor On-boarding & Financial Dashboard
  • Investor Communications, Payouts & Distribution

Marketplace Platform

  • Compliance Enforcement
  • Marketplace as a Service
  • Affiliate Program Management

Token’s Right Lifecycle

  • Governance
  • Cap Table Management
  • Upgradeability
  • Freeze, Re-issue

Fractionalization & Issuance of Digital Assets

Leveraging on our business model advisory and technological capability, you can transform traditional private assets into liquid digital assets that are accessible to everyone, and empowering trusted asset transfers at the speed of the Internet.

  • Fractionalize assets into bite-sized units, making it affordable for anyone to buy.
  • Issue private securities in a compliant, digital format.
  • Comprehensive legal, regulatory and administrative process to enhance investor protection.
  • Enhance the entire user experience for investors and advisors.
  • Unlock liquidity options through your own private marketplace, and in your own brand name.

Investor On-boarding & Financial Dashboard

Minimize investors’ drop-offs and speed up closings with simple, transparent, and secure online onboarding and investment subscription process.

  • Manage primary and secondary equity capitalization in real-time.
  • Comprehensive and up-to-date investors’ information.
  • Systematic document distribution and e-signatures.
  • Multiple payment gateways.
  • Connect investors’ personal crypto-wallet to your portal, allowing them to receive blockchain secured smart contract and the option to receive commission/rental returns to crypto wallets.

Investor Communications, Payouts & Distributions

Strengthen clients and placement agents’ relationships. Improve on-going client communication experience through an elegant, branded investor portal. Streamline reporting and document distribution so advisors can focus on investors, not pushing paperwork.

  • Simplify communication and document sharing and processing.
  • Ease of interaction with self-serve information tools.
  • One-stop client communication portal with better efficiency, compliance, and value.
  • Reduce errors with straight through processing.
  • Offer secure, online document review and e-signatures.
  • Manage investors & placement agents.
  • Empower investors with the community and tools to discover and buy the perfect solution for their needs in one single place: your very own marketplace.

Marketplace as a Service

Access global retail and wholesale investors through a regulated digital asset platform. Unlock enhanced liquidity options via a trusted platform, and start capitalizing on your customer base using cutting-edge technology. Leverage on our customizable solutions to generate visibility and market coverage. The combined power of technology and regulatory licensing is the leverage you need to stay ahead of your competitors.

  • Leverage on our ASIC-issued license to offer wide ranging financial products.
  • Access to global retail and wholesale investors through a regulated digital asset platform.
  • Investor verifications (KYC, AML, Accreditation, Suitability) and compliance checks according to Australian regulatory requirements.
  • Generate visibility and market coverage, and take your offerings to the global level.
  • Execute investor trade orders with automated compliance.
  • Document distribution and e-signatures.
  • Drive incremental revenue with the one-stop-shop your clients are looking for.

Affiliate Program Management

Manage and amplify your own incentivization programs. Expand your market reach through multiple marketing channels. Build a community, engage clients, go viral and create a buzz for your brand.

  • Drive word-of-mouth & boost sales with all-in-one affiliate platform.
  • Redemption of credit points and commissions to purchase fractions.
  • Recognize and reward your most ardent supporters and placement agents.

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